Our own Niagara, Dhuandhar Falls

On our return from Kanha, we stayed at Vrindavan Gopala Retreat in Bhedaghat. Now this retreat’s location is really God send as it is over the Dhuandhar Falls. You walk out from your room on to the lawns and you can enjoy the falls.

The waterfalls are on Narmada River and fall down to form a gorge called Marble Rocks. The fall creates a bouncing mass of mist, hence the name Dhuandhar Dhuan (smoke) + Dhar (flow). The bounce is so powerful that one can hear its roar from a far distance.

Best time to visit

Though the best time to visit the falls is on Sharad Purnima when Narmada Mahaotsav is celebrated but you can go whenever you like.

The falls on a foggy morning.
As the sun came up the beauty of the falls was revealed to us.

Cable Car Service

There is a cable car service across the waterfall from the east bank as well as from the west bank of Narmada River. It is highly recommended to take the Cable Car to view the falls in full glory.

The falls as the sun rises afar.
The falls and the Marble Rocks from the Cable Car.
Another view of the falls and the Marble Rocks from the cable car.

On one side is the Vrindavan Gopala Retreat and on the other side is a make shift market selling artifacts in soft marble. Do not miss out on them as they are not available anywhere else in the country.

You can also enjoy a boat ride further down the falls in Narmada which passes through a narrow stretch of rocks, called Bandar Kodini as earlier monkeys used to jump across the river. However each monsoon the rocks shifts and now there is a considerable distance between them.


The best place is Vrindavan Gopala Retreat, which is right on top of the falls. You get exclusive views in both early mornings and evenings.