A date with the Chicken

Last Sunday Chicken came calling. Though I am not particularly fond of Chicken, I joined a group of friends and landed at a newly opened, very talked about place in Gurgaon called Baba’s Chicken, on the Golf Course Road.

View from the main door.
Inside the restaurant.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a vegetarian but feel much more comfortable with animals bigger than a chicken, with mutton being an all time. Truth be told, I joined them because I was promised that mutton too was on the menu. One of our friends was  able to swing a rather favourable deal with their parent outlet in Ludhiana and the meal was paid for (disclaimer).

We started with Baba’s famous tandoori chicken followed by fried fish with tartar dip (in a typical Punjabi style) and tandoori fish tikka with green chutney. The green chutney was a real piece of art and I have to admit it was the best I have tasted so far. The fried fish, was not what everybody serves in the town, Basa.

Inside the restaurant.
Inside the restaurant.

The tandoori fish was even better with just a small taste of masala. I didn’t find the chicken too “hot” but that could be due to my personal non-preference with it. The dip accompanying the fish was Punjabi style mayo.

The famous Baba Butter Chicken.
Green Chutney.
Lemon Kali Mirch Chicken.
Rara Meat.
Tandoori Fish Tikka.

In the main course we tried their signature dish Baba butter chicken, Rarha meat and Baba lemon kali mirch chicken. Both the butter chicken and lemon chicken were good with a very different yellow buttered gravy, likes of which I had not tried before with succulent pieces of chicken (not tandoori) as you would expect them to be.

The Rara meat was surprisingly low on spices which I found really excellent and made me think why they should not call themselves Baba’s mutton rather than chicken. But later I figured out that the their current name gives them better mileage in their home town, Ludhiana.

The star of the day however was Keema naan and it was something to die for. If you ever visit it, no you must visit it for the Keema nan. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Avneet and Preeti (Team Baba) for taking so good care of us.

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