A ride in the Cable Car.

You can’t go to San Francisco and not take a ride in their famous Cable car. We rode one, all the way to Hyde Park and came down walking the Lombard street or world’s most crooked street (see the video I shot).

The cable car system in San Francisco started way back in 1873 and ran thru 1890 with 23 lines. Now out of that only 3 remain, two routes start from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf and the 3rd to California Street.

Our destination is one block of street with 8 hair pin bends which hit you, whether you are walking or driving. It is one of the most unique of the vertically endowed roads and makes a great tourist attraction. To reduce the hill’s natural 27% grade which was too steep for most vehicles and pedestrians, one of the early property owner, Carl Henry first suggested the design with sharp curves to switchback down the one-way hill past beautiful Victorian mansions. It was later built in 1922. To get a fair idea on how crooked the street is to go two blocks up, to Filbert Street and peer down over the ridge.

It also boasts of San Francisco’s most expensive real estate. During summer it is always filled with tourists going up or down as the street is lined with beautiful flowers which are in bloom.


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