Afghani Kebabs.

Being a true foodie, I love Kebabs and in the absence of true Mughlai kebabs, in Australia, the best option is to try Afghani Kebabs.

There are two Kebabs joints near the place I am in presently, in Melbourne, The Melbourne Kebab Station and Afghan Charcoal Kebab (ACK). Both are just next to each other in Coburg.

Afghan Charcoal Kebab.
The Menu
Pizzas are also available.
Food on display.

I had tried the Melbourne Kebab last time, so now it was the turn of the Afghani Charcoal Kebab. It is a family owned joint serving both Afghani and Turkish dishes, including Biryanis and Pizzas.

They claim to serve the best quality Halal Pizzas but I am not going to comment anything on them since I had tried the Kebabs only. The reason for the great taste, as claimed by ACK is because they use of fresh ingredients. The outlet is open from 10 in the morning till 10 pm in the night. They also do take away.

The meat they serve is tasty charcoal meat cooked in traditional way served with handmade traditional Afghani bread and sweet rice garnished with raisins. The meals are also accompanied by traditional dips, humus and a shredded carrot and raisin salad.

The Kebab platter, Chicken Kebabs and Mince Meat Kebabs.
The Naaanwai at his workstation.
The Afghani Roti
Sweet rice.
Traditional Dips.
Shredder Carrots salad.

Traditionally in Afghanistan, families cook their meals at home but for bread they rely on a nearby Naanwai (baker). These breads are quite different from the Mughlai one we’re used in India as they are largely made of fermented wheat flour (Atta), not maida.

If you are ever in Melbourne do not forget to try these Kebabs, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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