Andrew’s Burgers

Part of my family lives in Australia so I go there often to meet them. The moment I land, the first thing which comes to my mind is Burgers. What better place to have a good traditional burger than Melbourne, which is kind of Australia’s food capital.

Good Aussie Beef patties cooked in the traditional way, make the best burgers and what better place than Andrews’s Burgers at Bridport Street in Albert Park.

For the last over 100 years,  they have been selling their burgers made the traditional way using home cooked recipes. Recently they opened their second store in Franklin Street to serve their customers in CBD area.

What makes their burgers so good is the inside story. The onions are cooked & the bread bun is lightly toasted, the lettuce is a crunchy iceberg-cabbage mix, and the fried egg is often cooked through. The patty is made up of grilled beef mixed with cooked onions.

The team at Andrew’s has turned cooking the burgers into an art form and it is pleasure watching them work together like dancers who have had their entire moves choreographed. They don’t back into each other or step on each other’s toes. They side-step, take orders, place eggs, tomatoes, bacon and onions on the grill, toast the buns, fill the buns and put the finished product in their greaseproof-lined bags, handing them over without making a single false move.

No matter which burger you choose, I promise you will not be disappointed. Their burgers are far more traditional than the average American burgers being sold everywhere. According To Greg Pappas, the owner, the greatest thing about Andrew’s is we’ve become a niche now. Also with Melbourne getting more Americanised people now crave for something more original and traditional.

Who knows Burgers better than Greg as he has been working in their store since he was a young boy of 12 years.





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