Brimin Lodge, recharge your batteries here.

This is where we stayed.
In the morning we were greeted by them.
Drive way into the property.

On our way to Canberra we stopped for 1 night at the Brimin Lodge, 15 minutes drive from Rutherglen a famous wine region of North East Victoria.

It is beautiful property run as an Airbnb, run by a very nice couple Simon and Pip,  with three self contained lodges, one of which is by the river called Billabong Lodge. Unfortunately we were unable to meet up with Pip but we met Simon near the river in the morning and had a nice conversation.

The owners stay in this cottage.
Corner of Murray River, a mere 15 minutes walk from the cottage.
We also ran into him during our morning walk.

The property is on a large bend on the Murray River and is also used for commercial farming. There are about 300 sheep, a few Geese, Emus and Cattle on a 400 acres property.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Living area.
Fully equipped Kitchen area.

The property has everything you need and each of the cottages has a private area allowing you to enjoy your stay to the maximum. The best part is that the mobile connectivity is limited to very few patches on the property which makes it an ideal place to stay over the weekend.





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