To be a martial artist also means to be an artist of life, Bruce Lee

If you are in Hong Kong, you cannot miss the Hong Kong Heritage Museum which has a special section on legendary Bruce Lee.

It is situated out of town in Sha Tin and is best visited by public transport. There are two types of exhibits, permanent and temporary like the Chinese arts and culture. Among the permanent exhibits is life and legacy of Bruce Lee, a tribute by Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee.

I am was really keen to visit it and after going through it came back very happy. I suggest do not miss this one as it really celebrates the life and times of Bruce Lee.

Right from dancing Cha Cha (actual movie clip) to his stint in TV and later films, the Museum has it all.

He passed away almost 44 years ago but his legend still lives on. Though he was born in San Francisco, USA he grew up in Hong Kong. He went back to US when he turned 18 for studies. He had a fascination for philosophy and he merged it with martial arts and set up his own system, Jeet Kune Do.  He also set up his own martial arts training institute.

He delved into TV and later action films and found fame both in martial arts and show business. Some of his famous movies are The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon.

Apart from various memorabilia from his life, there  a section dedicated to “Nunchaku” and an interactive setting of Bruce Lee demonstrating his warm up muscular features followed by Nunchaku.

In the museum you can see some documentary films featuring film clips and interviews with people closely connected with Bruce Lee’s life.













Taxi ride in an undersea tunnel

Hong Kong has many interesting things but what I find most interesting is the undersea tunnel called the Cross Harbour tunnel which connects the main financial and commercial districts across the Victoria  Harbour.

Come join me in a Hong Kong taxi through this thrilling ride under the sea.


The tunnel was opened to the public on 02 August 1972 and now is the most congested roads towards the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong and the world with almost over 116 thousand vehicles crossing it daily. After this tunnel was opened Hong Kong travelled far way from those days of the Star Ferry and other small ferries. There is a toll plaza at the Hung Horn end and it has 14 toll gates.

The Victoria Harbour covers an area of about 41.88 sq km and there are several islands within the harbour like the Green Island and the Kowloon rock.

If you are visiting Hong Kong do not forget to take a taxi ride through the undersea tunnel.