Ceramics Fest 2016

Got a chance to visit the 6th Ceramics Fest at Anandgram (Aya Nagar), organised by Delhi Blue Pottery Trusts (DBPT).

The DBPT is the brainchild of the legendary Sardar Gurcharan Singh, father of the studio pottery movement in India and was set up by him in 1991. They have been organising such festivals annually called Potter’s Bazaar.

However, soon they realised that people felt that only traditional pottery was being displayed in these festivals, so they re-christened it and called it Ceramics Fest. So now you have beautiful pots, planters, plates and toys made in nature-friendly ceramic being displayed in the festival.

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The exhibits are so beautiful that even if you go to see, you are attracted to buy at least some of these beautiful creations, all costing under 5000 rupees. This is probably the largest gathering of studio potters and it was great learning, how a lump of clay transforms into the beautiful objects.

Folk performance are held in this amphitheatre.

The artist use different mediums such as stoneware and porcelain, to make the stunning pieces. In the absence of good quality stuff avilable locally, the high cost of raw materials pushes the cost of the artifacts. The Porcelain is imported from China, and clay is bought over from Aurovile.

During this festival, a number of workshops are also planned, such as Hand building workshop by Monica and Ambar Agnihotri, Slip trailing by Milap Chand, Cooking in a clay pot by Anuradha,  making a cooking pot by O.P. Galav and understanding ghatam, a clay instrument workshop by Elethur N Hari Narayanan. Additionally some folk artists are also performing.

If you live in Delhi or are visiting it, this is a must see.



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