Fresh Beer in New York.

Heartland Brewery first opened in New York in 1995 and very soon it established itself as place where you could get fresh Beer.

Today they serve six home brewed beers-

  • Indian River Light – light pale ale
  • Cornhusker Lager – golden lager
  • Harvest Wheat – light citrus finish
  • Red Rooster Ale – flavoured red ale
  • Indiana Pale Ale – deep golden cloured
  • Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout – elegantly dark

    Indian River Light.

In addition a range of seasonal Beers are served. Their beers taste different than German and British beers since they are made from indigenous ingredients such as Wisconsin malt, hops from Washington and Oregon, and American yeast.

Heartland Brewery.


All beers are served within one of two weeks of brewing and taste real fresh. Their Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout has won a bronze medal at the prestigious Annual Great American Beer Festival in Colorado in 1995 and a gold medal in 1997.

The food here is also really good. In addition to Indian River Light, we tried Classis Caesar Salad and Potato soup and both were equally good.

If you are in New York do not miss this place.


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