Hollywood, the city of dreams.

In 1923, Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler decided to invest in a suburban housing development project, called Hollywoodland. As part of its outdoor campaign a sign “Hollywoodland” was put up in Santa Monica Mountains.

Unfortunately after a while the real estate development plans collapsed and the maintenance of this sign was stopped. By mid 1940, the sign started to crumble and the letter “H” fell. The residents living below wanted the sign to be removed. The City of Los Angeles named it an official landmark of the city but the sign continued to rust and crumble and in Aug 1978 it fell off. Huff Hefner than stepped in and raised funds to rebuild the sign. In November 1978 the new sign was unveiled.

Hollywood sign.

Although the appearance and purpose of the sign has changed over the years, its message still remains the same – this is the place where magic happens and dreams come true. Though for some dreams are broken here, like that of an aspiring actress named, Peg Entwhistle. She was 24, when she moved to LA from New York and after a lot of struggle, jumped from the this sign to her death. Rumour has it the very next day a producer called to offer her a lead role but by then it was too late.





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