Humankind, a humbling experience.

Yesterday I was in Ahmadabad and while coming to the Airport, got a chance to visit Humankind, an NGO in Sabarmati area. It was truly a humbling experience.

Humankind’s journey started in 2005 in the neighborhood slum to provide education to underprivileged children and adults under their noble project  ‘Literacy for All’.

Terrace of Nanakram Super Market, where Humankind holds classes.
ONGC covered this terrace classroom and saved the kids from the vagaries of nature.
A covered classroom is always better than studying under a tree.


They operated under the shades of trees till one realtor Nanakram came forward and allowed them to use their terrace in their nearby Super Market. Then came ONGC who provided a roof over the children’s classrooms.

Their challenges however did not end there, as it was a huge task to mentally prepare the parents and their children to come and attend the school but ultimately power of education won.

Beautiful message – “Hum sab ek hain”.
Admission closed.
A young kid studying.

Today there are about 120 children who are taught by Volunteers, who range from retired professionals, social workers,  College kids, who visit in their spare time to share their time & knowledge and even an Indigo Airhostess. Some of the social workers are former street children who have worked their way out of destitution with the assistance of the NGO. One of the things which personally impressed me was the team’s gender-balance and their motto “hum sab ek hai” particularly in Gujarat.

If you interested to know more or provide help in any manner, you may contact them directly –

F/3, 1st Floor, Nanakram Super Market
Ramnagar, Sabarmati
Ahmedabad – 380005
Contact (+91) 9925097708, 9825723632











Postal & Courier Address:
F/3, 1st Floor, Nanakram Super Market
Ramnagar, Sabarmati
Ahmedabad – 380005
Contact Numbers: (+91) 9925097708, 9825723632


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