In search of a new lake.

As part of a social media Group, Let’s Walk Gurgaon, every Saturday, we go for morning walks to unexplored green areas in and around Gurgaon. There’s no pleasure that equals an early morning walk.

Today we went to Ghata village which is in Gurgaon tehsil and is one of 38 villages in Gurgaon Block.

View of the Ghata valley.

Over the years we have seen how urbanisation is destroying the green cover around Gurgaon. Even earlier all these areas around Gurgaon were plagued by illegal mining, which was stopped after the Supreme Court order. But even today we find some aberrations in the Haryana Government’s claim that illegal mining has stopped. During the monsoons rain water accumulates in the mining pits giving it a shape of a lake, which attracts animals like the Nilgai (the blue bull) and lots of different kind of birds.

Wild flowers look so beautiful.
There is a riot of colours in the wilderness.
This morning we were greeted by this beautiful site.
A beautiful bug.


The weather today was awesome with gentle cool breeze blowing which made it another memorable walk for us.

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