Mao market of Kohima

Kohima has a very interesting market bang opposite the Japhu Hotel, on way to the Bethesda Hospital.

Here you will find fresh farm products such as vegetables, fruits & flowers and non farm products too such as insects, dried fish, fresh fish, tadpoles, chicken, pork and even fresh Mithun (cattle of the mountains) meat. IMG_0101

Mithun is an important bovine species found in North-East and is a massive animal primarily reared for meat. It’s meat is considered more tender and superior over other meats. Mithun also provides milk, though in less quantity, but of high quality. The skin of this animal is used to produce leather which is superior to cattle.









Earlier the Mao traders from Manipur used to come to Kohima to sell their produce. However, now with increased tension between two states the number of farmers visiting Kohima has dwindled.

I was told by the locals the Governments of both states are trying to work this out.

I do hope things work out as planned as we must preserve this traditional market of Kohima.

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