Most birds species in an Avairy.

While we were in Mysore, I got a chance to visit a very unique place called “Shuka Van” (Parrot is called a Shuka in Sanskrit), a rehabilitation centre for birds in the beautiful Chamundi Hills area of the city. .

Inside the Aviary.
Dr Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda, the founder of the Aviary.

This centre was set up Dr Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda, the founder of Avadotta Datta Peetham and has a number of colourful birds, mainly Parrots from all over the world.

It provides shelter to injured and abandoned birds. Dr Ganapathy believes that the birds are vital for existence of humans and their alarmingly diminishing numbers can have serious trouble for mankind. His message is to save them and the depleting forest cover to save humanity.

There is small entrance fee to the aviary, which in my view is very necessary for its upkeep. Inside after paying a small fee you can feed the birds in their enclosure and get yourself photographed. The hard copy of the photograph can be yours upon payment of a small fee.

The aviary, established in 2012, is covered by 50 m high free flight mesh and has about 2100 colourful birds made up of 468 different species. It recently set a Guinness World record for “most bird species in an aviary” (see the Youtube video below).

You are not allowed to photographs the birds.


A big statue of Hanumanji outside the Ashram.

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