Nepalese Dumpling Festival, Melbourne

Yesterday had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Nepalese Dumpling Festival in Melbourne.

A bus was parked at the entrance of the festival.

Dumpling or Momos are quite popular in a lot of countries around India such as Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and two of Indian states, Sikkim and West Bengal (Darjeeling area). These dumplings are quite similar to Baozi and Jioazi (Chinese), Buuz (Mangolia), Gyoza (Japan) and Mandu (Korea).

Yesterday, there were over 12 stalls selling Momos with Nepali Band, Kutumba playing live. Their explosive high energy percussions stunned the audiences. The Jabuki band also enthralled the audiences.


Beautiful weather, great food and lively music kept the crowds entertained. There were lot of families with small children and even dogs. Nepalese, even non-Nepalese were seen playing with colours, like Holi. Most of the Momo stalls had long queues of people waiting for buying Momos.

The proceeds of this festival are for the benefit of NRNA, Non Resident Nepali Association who are running the earthquake reconstruction project since 2015 and assisting the earthquake victims.

A few glimpses of the festival.

There were Momo cooking competitions like Momo Masterchef with Melbourne’s best dumpling chefs taking part. Other competitions were for Mr and Mrs Momo and Momo King and Momo Queen.

Overall it was lot of fun.





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