Spread a smile. Gift a Joy.

It is a pleasant day today with intermittent rain and lots of clouds. For some of us, it turned to be a beautiful day as we visited Earth Saviours Foundation. We got a Gift of Joy from the inmates of the NGO, run as a shelter of hope in Bandwari Village.

Ravi Kalra the main force behinf Earth Saviours Foundation.
One of the inmates with a Jamun sapling.
A senior inmate planting a Jamun sapling.
A senior inmate planting a Jamun sapling.
Our happy friends planting the sapling.
A senior inmate planting a Jamun sapling.

The day started with a tree plantation drive in the shelter and a number of local Jamun (Black Plum) trees were planted by the senior inmates and some of our friends.

Next was a round of sweets shared with the inmates. The smiles were precious as were some comments, like  “I had 3 laddoos” and the feeling was priceless.

Now is the time for laddoos.
Day’s lunch menu, Kadhi chawal.
A satisfied lot after the plantion drive.
Kitchen for inmates inside the NGO.
A relaxed mid morning.
It’s time to say goodbye.
Fursat ke kuch pal.

After spending some more time talking to the inmates we said our goodbyes but not before  we left more goodies (rations) for them and a promise to return soon.

Thank you friends for this gift of joy and spread of smiles.

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