St Kilda, Melbourne

Melbourne has many beaches around it but St Kilda is the most famous beach in the city, 6 km away from the main CBD. You could either take a taxi to reach here or get on the tram.


The original inhabitants of this land called Euroe Yroke, were the Boon Wurrung people who own this sandy place. If you visit Corroboree Tree, a very old red gum tree at St Kilda Junction, you can still find evidence of this.

In 1841, Superintendent La Trobe named it St Kilda after a boat anchored here called Lady of St Kilda. Soon it became a popular suburb of Melbourne and lot of beautiful mansions came along its hills and waterfront. In 1912, an amusement park, Luna Park opened here which changed the course of the history of St Kilda. It still operates here.

After the World War II, it became Melbourne’s red-light area and in 60’s many artists and musicians moved here attracted by cheap housing.

The beach is 700 meters long between St Kilda Marina and St Kilda Harbor located at the northeast corner of Port Philip. The main street is called Fitzroy Street and is lined with outdoor pubs, cafes and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines in line with the multicultural society of the city.

The clock tower.

St Kilda Pavilion is a historic kiosk at the end of the pier. It was built in 1904 and was designed by James Charles Morell. It was called Austral Refreshment Rooms. In 1934 the Kerby Family took over its operations and called it Kerby’s Kiosk.

It was destroyed in 2003 during an arson attack. Later it was rebuilt as per the original design using a lot of salvaged original parts like cast iron roof, decorative cresting etc.

It is now listed as a Victorian Heritage. If you are visiting Melbourne it is an absolute must see.







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