Street performers of Melbourne.

For people who love art and culture, Melbourne is the place to be. Not a single day passes without a performance be it comedy, music, play or even a street performance. The people of Melbourne will promote any act which provides them entertainment.

While in many cities you may not be given permission to perform on the streets for one reason or other, in Melbourne Busking is recognised as part of their Activity Policy. Any performer (Busker) can obtain a license and go on and perform.


In the official policy, Busking is defined as “sounding or playing a musical instrument, singing, reciting or performing conjuring, juggling, puppetry, miming, dancing or other entertainment or doing any of those things concurrently. It also includes the activity of drawing any message, picture or representation on a pavement, paper or canvas”.

No wonder in Melbourne, days are defined for busking in the city and its suburbs.


You can choose what and where you would like to enjoy it.

  • Southbank – on weekends below Princess Bridge.
  • Southgate – on weekends, pavement art and performers along the river towards the Casino Entertainment Complex.
  • Princess Bridge – On weekends, the guitar man.
  • Swanston Street Walk – On various spots, see Dog and his Man, Bucket Drummer, Lone Bagpiper.
  • Federation Square – On Saturday.
  • Bourke Street Mall – On most days at various locations including outside Myer.
  • Flinders St Station – Under the clocks entrance on Saturday.
  • Bourke Street Mall – Outside Target most days, the twisting Balloon Man.
  • Queen Victoria Market – On Saturday, in Queen St annex for live music.
  • South Melbourne Market – On weekends, for all buskers of all sorts…
  • St Kilda Beach – On Saturday near the baths.
  • Brunswick Street – On Saturday near the Brunswick Street man statue.

Over my many visits to Melbourne, I have seen a numerous busking performances but the best was a Magical performance on Federation Square, I saw last weekend.

The Magician himself.

Whenever you are in Melbourne choose a location and an act, grab a coffee and enjoy. Do not however, forget to carry some loose change or small notes to give to the Busker as a token of your appreciation.



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