The Chocolate Factory tour.

From Washington, after lunch we drove through the beautiful countryside to Hershey, the chocolate town. It gets its name from the chocolate company whose headquarters are located here.

In 1894, The Hershey Chocolate Company was set up, by Milton Hershey. Today it is the largest chocolate manufacturer in US and its products are sold in sixty countries worldwide. The company has spent a lot in developing the town and built a stadium, the Giant Center (Ice hockey – Hershey Bears) and Milton Hershey School.

The Hershey Chocolate Factory.
Inside the factory.
Inside the factory waiting for the tour to begin.
Inside the tour.
Inside the tour.
In the factory store.
On a chocolate tour the queue does not end.

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Chocolate friends.
The Hershey Trolley.

The factory has a Chocolate tour for the tourist and you reach the factory in a beautiful trolley, but unfortunately since we had landed there in April, it was off the roads for maintenance for the coming summer season. So from the parking lot, we walked till the factory gate and joined the queue for the Chocolate factory. It was fun knowing about how chocolate is made and their beautiful products like “kisses”. If you are visiting this place on your own, keep sufficient time as the tours are usually full.

We later drove to Harrisburg where we stayed for the night.

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