Try a Food Truck in Melbourne, this time?

Imagine an International city being named the most livable city in the World, six years in a row.

It is no mean feat, isn’t, well that is Melbourne for you.

If you have visited it you would certainly know that when it comes to dining, Melbourne will never disappoint you, be it fine dining or barbecue. I bet but, did you know that the food truck culture is as lively as its dine-in culture?

A good number of food trucks now operate in Melbourne, out of Federation Square, Opposite NGV, or Queen Victoria Night market.

However, what if you to want to locate a particular food truck at lunch time? Well help is now available. Cool, isn’t? You can track them @

Some of them you may want to try are –

Mr. Burger

Myles Munro and Dargah Kan, who were then running The Mercat Cross Hotel, decided to launch their pub food business in 2012. So they both headed to US and tried as many food trucks as they could, before heading back home to set up Mr. Burger.

Initially they wanted to put their truck inside the Pub, but faced a minor problem; the door of the pub was too small to fit the truck through. So Mr. Burger was born in Oct 2012.

The Lukumades

It was started by Exarhos Sourligas in 2015 to show his love for Greek doughnuts.

Mr. Chow

It serves the tastiest of Asian and American street food fusions.

Soul Kitchen Pizzas

It serves the finest wood fired pizza at the Arts Centre or at an event at your place.

With such diverse and incredible food trucks out there in the city, just head out with an empty stomach to begin with and enjoy.




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