Walking sliently.

Last Saturday, I joined a silent walk in the Bio Diversity Park, Gurgaon.

For the uninitiated it is a walk in wilderness to experience the magic of nature and enjoy a few moments of calm and quiet. There is no agenda nor any talk, just the company of nature.

These walks stared in countries like South Korea and Japan where people walked in forests with the aim of discovering  and experiencing the healing powers of nature.

It is quite a new phenomenon  in India but there is a bit of difference here.

Unlike South Korea and Japan, here they tend to be more of a family affair since these walks are held over the weekends. Another difference is that Indians find it difficult to walk quietly, but it is still an excellent way of discovering the powers of the forests to heal and connect with likeminded people.

It has been scientifically proven that when we spend time in nature, our brain behaves differently. It affects how we feel and think, directly impacting our immunity.

The Gurgaon Metro line can be seen in the horizon.

The beauty of the setting sun.

Such an activity is very good for people who like to spend time together in a natural settings to release stress, experience beauty and improve their mood.

The ideal place for such walks would be where there isn’t traffic and where you can walk slowly, like a forest trail or on the beach. During the walk if you pass on another person you should greet them simply by nodding or smiling and  spend time with your companion without uttering a word. On the way since your full attention is on walking you find some very interesting plants, trees and objects.

Try it for yourself and see its healing power.


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