Why Melbourne is the Coffee capital of Australia?

A Gaggia Coffee Machine. (Pic from the internet).
Mr and Mrs Giovanni Achille Gaggia. He was born in 1895 in Milan. (Pic from the internet).
A Gaggia Coffee machine in Club Astoria, a legendary night club of ’50s in Milan. (Pic from the internet).

Australia really knows it’s Coffee, whatever your style is, black, espresso or flat, only a good brew would make an Australian happy. His day starts with a cup of Coffee and it better be good.

The World, specially the Americans swoon over Starbucks but here in Australia all Starbucks has managed to do is to manage its losses for the last 14 years. While the brand grows around the World, in Australia they had to close down a total of 60 of its stores and are now down to 22 stores across Australia. One of the biggest mistake Starbucks made was to introduce the Coffee they serve in America which Australians found it weak and tasteless.

According to Paul Patterson, a marketing guru, the road ahead of Starbucks is a difficult one.

(Pic from the internet).

The story of Coffee in Australia started in mid 20th century when after the World War II a number of Italians and Greek made Australia their home, particularly Melbourne.  Around this time, another thing happened which helped this cause more. Achilles Gaggio, a bartender in Milan, patented his piston driven espresso Coffee machine in 1945. Italians bought this machine to Australia.

Immediately after this, happened the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 and like they say, rest is history.

Hotel Windsor, the 1st Coffee Palace in Australia.

The Windsor Hotel on Bourke Hill on Spring Street in Melbourne has also played a key role in the history of Coffee in Australia. Today it is the only surviving hotel of the 19th century. It was built by George Nipper, in 1883 and was later sold it to James Munro, a politician and leader of the temperance movement. After acquiring the hotel he tore the hotel’s liquor license in public and started a Coffee Palace here.

On an average an Australian drink 3-4 cups of Coffee every day and they are spoilt for choices as far as the availability of Coffee is concerned with shops all round the city. The standard of Coffee is really high and no wonder the American Coffee found it difficult to make its mark in the country.

Some of the well known names in Coffee are Brother Baba Budan on Little Bourke Street, Proud Mary on Oxford Street, Manchester Street on Rankins lane, Everyday Coffee on Johnston Street and market Lane Coffee on Collins Street.

So next time you are in Melbourne you know where to head the moment you think of Coffee.




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