World’s Largest Thermometer, California.

The World’s largest Thermometer, all 134 foot, is a brain child of Willis Herron,  who wanted to build the largest thermometer in US for the past 25 years.

The number 134 represents the highest temperature recorded in the Death Valley in 1913, 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

2016-04-28 10
World’s largest Thermometer (picture taken from a moving bus).

The thermometer is in a small town, Baker, near the Nevada border, California and is made up of 33 tons of steel and has about 5000 lamps lighting it.

After Herron’s death in 2007, the thermometer stopped working in 2012 and was put up for sale. However, in 2014 Herron’s daughter repurchased it. They have established a gift shop, called “Temp134” which sells signed and numbered light bulbs from the original thermometer.


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