Ying Thai, an amazing Thai meal.

Lygon Street in Carlton suburb of Melbourne is famous for its Italian Café and Restaurants because it is home to many Italian immigrants. However I was recommended Ying Thai2, on Lygon Street for Thai food, when I expressed my desire to eat Thai and I was not disappointed.

It is a small place on 2 floors with basic seating and a few artifacts from Thailand.

We ordered Chicken Pad Thai, Pud Med Ma Muang (stir fried with vegetables and cashew nuts), Gang Keaw Waan (Thai green curry cooked in coconut milk and vegetables), mince Pork with fresh Basil, Steamed Jasmine Rice, Coconut Rice and plain Rice. For drinks we decided to go with the Jasmine Tea.

Jasmine Tea was served in this pot.
Jasmine rice, Coconut Rice.
Chicken Pad Thai.
Mince Pork with fresh Basil.
Thai green curry.

The food was good, tasty and had great flavours. The mince Pork was the highlight of the meal. Overall a good reasonably priced dinner.

The restaurant is quite popular with both meat eaters and Vegetarians and can get full pretty quickly. If you are going for dinner, I recommend you make reservations to avoid disappointment.

Some of their staff is not very good in English, so you may have to do a bit of explaining. However, for convenience most of the dishes are numbered so ordering is pretty simple.

It is now my favourite place in Melbourne.


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